Mercedes REMAN Warm Up Regulator BOSCH 0438140156 $200 Core refund

  • Dhs. 2,979.00

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Mercedes-Benz Warm-Up Regulator 

BOSCH  0 438 140 156 - M-B 0000700362

When stock is depleted, use 0 438 140 155  

A $200 core is included in the price, refundable upon receipt of your old core. 

Fits Mercedes

380 SE    (126) 3.8 L       1985 USA specifications 

380 SL     (126) 3.8 L       1985 USA

500 SEC  (107) 5.0 L       1985 USA 

500 SEL  (116)  5.0 L       1985 USA 

380 SEC   (126) 3.8 L       09.84 - 11.84 EURO specifications

380 SEL   (126) 3.8L        09.84 - 08.85

380 SL, SLC (107) 3.8L   09.74 - 10.80

500 SE, SEL (126) 5.1L   09.84 - 08.85

500 SEC (126) 5.1L         09.84 - 08.85

Our approach to warm-up regulator rebuilding sets us apart from others. Our technicians meticulously disassemble, inspect, and rebuild each warm-up regulator. We use authentic Bosch cores; we also use high-quality Ethanol resistant rebuilding kits. We conduct thorough testing and calibration using genuine  Bosch bench testing equipment to ensure our manufactured products comply with all factory specifications. 

We trust our products will meet or surpass your expectations! 

We sell parts by Bosch or vehicle part number. For detailed information about the proper application for your car, contact us or consult your dealership's spare parts department.


Twelve months unconditional warranty from the date of purchase. 

Terms: Twelve-month prorated warranty. Exchange only.


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